Leadership CoLab 360 Diagnostic:

A Powerful tool to drive professional development in educational leadership

Leadership CoLab is a partnership between UCL Institute of Education and outstanding schools, to provide exceptional leadership development for middle leaders, senior leaders and head teachers. The 360 Diagnostic is a peer evaluation tool to track your leadership development.

This can be approached at two levels:

At an organisational level

Through competencies designed by industry experts, the 360 benchmarks individuals' progress on their leadership journey by gathering feedback from line managers, peers and those who you line manage. The 360promots engagement at organisational level whilst encouraging the diverse talent of your staff to realise their full potential.

As an individual

The 360 Diagnostic provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into your leadership development. This resource also provide a rare opportunity to reflect and analyse your leadership style and objectives, providing the foundations for your targeted leadership development.

For further information please feel free to contact us at CoLabMoodle@ioe.ac.uk